Welcome to our new Website

Thank you for visiting Rotorua Aero Club and our new website.

We will be making things even better over time so please bear with us.

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Things to come include:

  • Members area – create your own content and share your own stories! (in progress)
  • Newsletters archive
  • Aircraft bookings
  • and much more!

UPDATE: March 14th 2023:

Currently work is in progress to allow for Rotorua Aero Club members to sign in to our website. This will allow for members to create and share their own content to a new ‘Member Blogs’ area for all to enjoy.

This is the first step in providing members their own space from within which more features will be added. This is the first step in giving members an online identity from which we will then add further features for members, such as the ability to book aircraft, lessons and an instructor online.

Watch this space!

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