Young Eagles

The Young Eagles scheme is administered by the Royal New Zealand Aero Club. It is a scheme designed to introduce young people to flying, whether as a hobby or as a career. Individual aero clubs around the country run their own local chapters. Aero club members who are licenced pilots take Young Eagle members for flights and organise training sessions and events for their chapter members. The following information is from the Royal New Zealand Aero Club.

As a Young Eagles member you will get the opportunity to experience flying for yourself.  You will have the opportunity to actually fly in an aircraft, experience how it works and look down on the world below from inside the safety of an aircraft.  Does this sound exciting to you?

The Rotorua Young Eagles program runs from February – November each year.  Contact the Rotorua Aero Club and they will assess your eligibility for the program.  You must be between the ages of 15 and 17 to join.

What will my first flight be like?

You will be introduced to your flight instructor not only has all the right licenses and medical certificates, but has been selected by the Aero Club as someone who is experienced with the aircraft type you will be in.  You will be shown how to pre-flight the aircraft and taken through the safety procedures for being in an operating area and the aircraft itself.  After a thorough briefing you will get in the aircraft, put on your headset so you can hear all the radio calls and strap in.  Your pilot will talk you through all the pre-take off checks then line up on the runway.  The engine will rev up and the aircraft will start rolling forward.  You will be able to talk to the pilot throughout the flight and see exactly what is going on.  After what seems no time at all, you will be lining up to land and touching down.

For more information – get in touch with our Young Eagles Co-ordinator now.