We would like to acknowledge the following individuals and companies for their continued support of the Rotorua Aero Club.

  • Lorraine and Barry Vincent
  • Gary Thorne
  • Exceed Builders Ltd
  • The Rotorua Trust
  • The Four Winds Foundation
  • Pub Charity
  • Local Technology
  • One Foundation

Some links to useful Aviation Websites

Rotorua Airport – check out their webcam!

Civil Aviation Authority – (CAA) are the people who make sure the everyone involved in New Zealand aviation meets the legal standards set by the Minister of Transport

Metflight – Access to the General Aviation Weather Briefing System (MetFlight GA)

Preflight – provides a suite of benefits to the aviation sector, through delivery of both safety critical weather and aeronautical information required for commercial and recreational pilots

Metvuw – New Zealand Weather Forecasts and Australian Weather Forecasts and World Weather Forecasts

Asbestos – Aircraft Mechanics are at risk of developing mesothelioma, a rare cancer caused from asbestos exposure that can take 20-50 years to develop. Asbestos was commonly used in aircraft equipment for its heat and friction resistant properties. These parts include the brakes and insulation around the engine and electrical components.  This website features extensive information on asbestos.