Relief Flight #17 – February 27th

Esk Valley

Working WITH community services who are working WITH Civil Defense we have together helped get much needed relief with laser focus and strategic precision, directly into the hands of the people who desperately need it. To put nappies on their babies, to feed them, wash themselves, sanitary items, tooth paste, tooth brushes just the basic essentials and non-perishable food items.

Running planes isn’t cheap, but we are ALL about community, friendship and not about money. We have a resource we are able to utilise to fill a gap where other systems are being less time sensitive to community groups and social services needs.

While rationing limits how much people can bring back to community centers packed with homeless/dislodged people – we’re just getting it straight in there and getting the job done.

Today was about human resources – we flew a doctor and 4 mental health professionals into Napier who will join Mike King to address the health and mental well being of those effected in the Esk Valley.

A HUGE thanks to the owner of this beautiful LJ60 Learjet who donated his aircraft and two crew to help us get our health professionals and medical supplies through!

Associated news article here.