Flour Bombing is Coming!

This week, one of our members, John Thompson was interviewed by the Rotorua Daily Post.

While it was mentioned there would be flour bombing, this is just a traditional term. Historically many years ago, flour with food colouring was used to paint a mark on a large target when dropped from the aircraft.

The more modern take on this is to use sand, which is more abundant and environmentally friendly. Our ‘flour bombing’ event will be no different to any other ‘flour bombing’ event which takes place in the country, where a sand ‘bomb’ weighing 500gm will be the projectile replacing the traditional bag of flour. A small plastic cylinder filled with sand will be duct taped together and used instead. We still maintain the nod to tradition by calling this event ‘flour bombing’ however!

A further correction is with regards to the Sir Francis Boyes cup. This is actually the award presented for precision landings, not ‘flour bombing’. The Rotorua Cup is awarded for the bombing competition and can only be won at an official ‘Flying NZ’ event, which this is not.

Please also note that it was John’s intention to invite the Mayor, not that she would be participating!!

Check out the post here!