UPDATED: The Great Northern Air Race

The Great Northern Air Race is coming to Rotorua this weekend 🛩🛩…well not quite a air race, , more like in cars because of this weather. 🌨🌨

But the Rotorua Aero Club will still be hosting the event. On Saturday night, 28th we will be serving burgers and chips,🍔🍟$20, and we have a licence bar as well, beer, wine and soft drink are available to purchase. Sunday afternoon from 1600 will be the same. Come on down and catch up with fellow aviators, if your new to flying, you can find out from pilots what flying is all about…..

On Saturday 28th of January we will have 20-30 aircraft descending into Rotorua and being hosted by the club.
The Great Northern Air Race runs every January over Auckland Anniversary Weekend for over 25 years.

Typically a fleet of 15 to 30 aircraft set out on a prescribed course, going to places you would not normally go, all while taking some breathtaking photos and visiting some amazing North Island airfields.

This is a great opportunity to come and join in the fun and atmosphere of the event. There will be food and drinks (we have a special liquor license) so it will be a fun day.

On Sunday aircraft will be departing Rotorua for a bit of a casual nosey around and then returning later in the day, finally departing on Monday for the big race event.

If you wish to come and join in or even help out, please come along – you know where we are!!