2023 Flying NZ Regionals

The Rotorua Aero Club is hosting the 2023 Central Region flying competition.

There are a vast array of competitions for competitors to choose, from junior landing to senior landing, precision circuits for women, aerobatics, formation flying, life raft and bombing and forced landing, plus many more.

The winners of these events then go onto compete in the national events. This will be a huge few days at the airport with a lot of movements and a lot of landings.

There are aircraft coming from Tauranga, Hamilton, Taumaruni and Te Kuti.

Rotorua Airport is sponsoring the event which will be held onsite at Rotorua Airport on Friday 17th
and Saturday 18th November. Rotorua Aero Club are working with other regional clubs, Airways and
Rotorua Airport Operations to ensure smooth operations.

A schedule of events can be downloaded below if you wish.

Below is an aerial view of the Rotorua airport which shows the areas designated for the operations over the course of events.

Below in more detail which includes the designated control box for aerobatics operations at altitudes which would usually be above the control zone, which will be under the watch of Rotorua Control on the day.