Welcome to the home of the Rotorua Aero Club

Rotorua Aero Club ​​​​​​​promotes all aspects of general aviation to the people of Rotorua. Founded in 1938, we have a long history of involvement with the wider Rotorua area. Our focus is on recreational aviation and getting people into flying.

Rotorua Aero Club is keen to get more active members to join us. The more members we have, the more fun our events are! See our Contact page for details on how to get in touch!

“Thrill at the sensation of moving into the three dimensions; the technicality of handling the aircraft, navigation, and aircraft design; the contemplation of nature and landscapes; the feeling of freedom; the challenge of realising an old dream; and of belonging to a community of like-minded, educated and responsible people.”

We meet at Rotorua Airport once a month,

Usually on the third Sunday of each month, for a Flying Sunday.  We are currently using the Southern Hangar, near the Rafting company, courtesy of Tony Todd.  If the weather is not good we will usually defer for one week to the following Sunday.  All updates are via Facebook.  We usually have a BBQ or lunch available for a $5  donation as well as tea and coffee.   Everybody is welcome and this is a good opportunity to come and discuss flying and flying training in an informal setting.

Upcoming Events

Please follow us on Facebook to see about upcoming events.

Aviation Quote of the Moment…

Prepare for the unknown, unexpected and inconceivable... after 50 years of flying I'm still learning every time I fly. — Gene Cernan, last man to walk on the Moon.

Live Flight Radar of the Rotorua Area